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Find out how a massive global employee survey discovered workers are coping with anxiety, distraction and financial distress during the pandemic.

Hear how retail, beauty, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical leaders can continue achieving strong business results when they support their people by remaining focused on strategy, communicating transparently, and building trust.

Discover why employees give leaders high marks for frequent, transparent communications, but also crave improved technology.

Learn how more diverse and inclusive teams perform better and are more adaptable in times of rapid change.





Discover the ultimate all-in-one, fully integrated mobile platform for retail operations, communications, workflow automation, and advanced performance analytics. 

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SimpliField gives retail and brand sales and operations  teams a simple way to: 

Communicate in Real-Time

Improve Team Efficiency

Streamline Operations

Empower Smart Decisions

Ensure Compliance

"SimpliField allows us to quickly identify areas where we need to better, prioritize them, and set plans of action in place to drive improvement."

Marie Burnay


"SimpliField has become the ultimate companion for all our trainers. They use the app daily, in real-time, during each visit they carry out."

Sandra Bekale

Sales Director Wholesale @ L'occitane

"SimpliField allows our merchandising managers to be much closer to everything from faraway."

Laurence Dufermont

Director of Merchandising @ Kiabi

"SimpliField is an user-friendly way to make us more agile and successful."

Laurent Bichard

Sales @ Sony

"The SimpliField analytics tool is powerful - we know where to find information that is relevant to us when we need it. The way we process and distribute information has really been accelerated."

Thibaut Guitton

Merchandising @ Asics

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