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In a recent Willis Towers Watson survey of over 500,000 global employees, 83% of respondents said they are still feeling anxiety about COVID-19.

Between juggling their family life and the shifting work environment, workers around the world are stressed and overburdened in the midst of the pandemic. 

So how can leaders expect to be able to empower their teams and drive performance under the circumstances?


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5pm CEST

Improving Retail 
and Brand Team

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Soni Basi, Ph. D., is the Head of Talent Management and Acquisition at AIG. Previous to that, for over 3 years, she served as VP of Talent for Allergan, where she shaped the strategic end-to-end Global Talent agenda. She also spent over 6 years at The Estee Lauder Companies, most recently as Vice President – Global Learning & Talent Development, where she built many of the company's global Talent programs for our over 30 brands and 40,000 employees. Soni has been featured in Chief Learning Officer and American Healthcare Leader magazines, and is a Top 100 Chief Learning Officer, and is an Advisory Board member for three organizations.

Soni Basi


Join Dr. Soni Basi, Head of Talent Management and Acquisition at AIG (formerly VP of Talent at Allergan and Estée Lauder), Patrick Kulesa, Global Research Director at Risk and Human Capital consulting firm Willis Towers Watson, and SimpliField CMO Richard Sharp for a discussion on empowering talent during difficult times.

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On October 20th, at 11am EST / 5pm CEST

Find out how a massive global employee survey discovered workers are coping with anxiety, distraction and financial distress during the pandemic.

Hear how retail, beauty, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical leaders can continue achieving strong business results when they support their people by remaining focused on strategy, communicating transparently, and building trust.

Discover why employees give leaders high marks for frequent, transparent communications, but also crave improved technology.

Learn how more diverse and inclusive teams perform better and are more adaptable in times of rapid change.






Patrick Kulesa

Patrick Kulesa, Ph.D., is Global Research Director and a member of the advanced analytics group within Willis Towers Watson’s Research & Innovation Center. He oversees a group that manages Willis Towers Watson’s database of benchmarks on employee opinion, leading a team of data analysts in the U.S., Europe, and Asia Pacific. He has a Ph.D. in social psychology from Northwestern University and over 20 years of consulting experience. Patrick’s research has been published in trade industry and academic outlets, and is featured at major psychological, human resource, and industry conferences.

Empowering Talent during Challenging Times